The act of safeguarding flowers has been around since pioneer times, for example trandafiri criogenati Cluj. Flowers can be safeguarded in various ways, for example, air drying and squeezing, or utilizing different drying specialists like sand, hand crafted combinations or silica gel.

A few flowers like green filler’s, globe amaranth, cattail, and strawflower can be dried by basically hanging the stems topsy turvy in a dull, very much ventilated region. This technique, known as air-drying or the “hang and dry” strategy is perhaps the most seasoned technique utilized for saving flowers. The obscurity holds the shade of the flowers. In any case, it has been seen that blue and yellow flowers hold their shading while pink flowers blur when dried utilizing this technique.

A few synthetic substances like glycerin are additionally used to protect flowers. “Chimes of Ireland” is one example that shows great shading variety when safeguarded along these lines.

Squeezing is one more method utilized for drying new flowers. flowers are perfectly fixed and kept between pieces of paper and squeezed over by some weight. This guarantees that the shades are not lost and the shading is held. Violets, pansies, larkspur and greeneries protect well when squeezed thusly. These dried flowers can be set up in outlined showcases.

Sand is likewise utilized as a drying specialist to save flowers. With the sand drying technique, before saving flowers the sand is washed completely with a dishwashing cleanser. It is then dried. The sand utilized ought to be exceptionally fine and sans salt. In this strategy, sand is put in a holder, and a limited quantity is scooped out to shape a downturn. The blossom is put in this downturn and sand is squeezed around to help the bloom. Every petal is covered with sand, guaranteeing that their shape is held. The flowers when dried ought to be set in containers to keep them from breaking.

New flowers structure a piece of numerous significant occasions and saving these flowers is one method for safeguarding the recollections of these unique events.